38. Torchlight


Just returned from Edinburgh for pre op tests, ahead of tomorrow's mastectomy.

Despite the scans showing the cancer has gone, medically this operation is considered necessary. Due to the type, size, spread and agressive nature of the initial diagnosis, it's believed this minimises the risks of any small cells still being present. Ultimately this helps reduce the chance of the cancer re growing or spreading elsewhere in the body at a later point.

However, I've just been told that as my white blood count is unexpectedly very low, it's considered too risky to proceed with this tomorrow. So all is on hold for 7 days and we'll see what news next week brings.

This is now the 4th time a mastectomy has been scheduled and cancelled within hours of the operation. So my plan is to stay in neutral and dig in to find out what The Spirit has to say.

Will keep you posted!


Thank you so much for all your encouraging messages and prayers. 
I've been prompted not to ignore the significance of this weeks planned mastectomy being cancelled - the 4th time it's happened in as many months. As Kairos moments go, this seems pretty critical. So I'm enjoying some precious 121 time and God is speaking clearly through His word and spirit. He's led every step and at every juncture of this topsy turvy journey so far -He won't fail me now.
Just to reassure you, it is very, very well with my soul and I'm in perfect rest as the waves of truth come alive in my spirit.
... I'll keep you posted on what happens next.

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